A little about me

I have always been creative in an “outside the box” kind of way, in all facets of my life. My formative years in school were spent exploring all the different disciplines in art that were offered. In high school I concentrated mainly on ceramics. My high school art teacher assigned a painting, for 50% of the grade, before graduating. Never painted before but I had just been to LACMA in L.A. for a new show by modern artists, using just a few colors and shapes in designs and I was very interested in this. I admitted to him that I had never painted before and was told that I couldn’t do it as it would count as my final grade. I learned that I did not like being told I was not capable of doing something I really wanted to try. I did the painting I wanted to try and received a ‘A’ for that class.

In college I spent many years exploring different metal working formats (welding, metal working, lost wax casting etc), working in resin (fascinating and versatile)and many other art formats but not painting. Eventually I did go back to painting and slowly developed into my own style. I really enjoy exploring the use of subtle color gradation and different widths of lines to create fun designs and images from nature, fantasy and my imagination. The only thing that does not interest me is the human form, you won’t find it in any of my work. I am always open to image suggestions as I do like a challenge and enjoy exploring new color combinations.

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